Workshop Venue

ANNPR 2016 will take place at the Universität Ulm, Institut für Neuroinformatik, Oberer Eselsberg, James Franck Ring, Building O28. The university is located on the fringe of Ulm alongside a quiet, romantic forest. The venue offers full facilities. It can be easily reached from downtown via regular buses (more on the ANNPR “Travel Information” page).

University of Ulm (Universität Süd)

Ulm is a pictoresque, ancient city of 120,000 inhabitants in state of Baden-Württemberg, situated along the shore of River Danube. Internationally, Ulm is primarily known for having the church with the tallest steeple in the world, the Gothic “Münster”, and as Albert Einstein’s place of birth. The historic center, partially surrounded by the old city walls with towered gates, features ancient and modern landmarks of significance. In addition to the Münster and the surrounding square (including Richard Meier’s Stadthaus), it is worth mentioning the Rathaus (Town Hall), the old and graceful Fischerviertel (fishermen’s quarter), the Krone, among many others. You may be willing to have a look at the official Ulm Tourist Info webpage for more.

Ulm-View from the Münster