Program (Online Event)

January 10, 2021 from 12:00 to 16:00 (Central European Time zone, CET, UTC+1)

  • Talks: 20 min slot (14 min talk + 6 min QA)

  • Combining auditory and visual data to enhance the speech signal (Invited Talk) Xavier Alameda-Pineda (INRIA/ University of Grenoble-Alpes) Slides Video Poster
  • ODANet: Online Deep Appearance Network for Identity-Consistent Multi-Person Tracking Guillaume Delorme, Yutong Ban, Guillaume Sarrazin and Xavier Alameda-Pineda Slides Slides (of video) Video Poster
  • Explainable Model Selection of a Convolutional Neural Network for Driver’s Facial Emotion Identication Amany A. Kandeel, Hazem M. Abbas and Hossam S. Hassanein Slides Video Poster
  • Artificial Kindness – The Italian Case of Google Mini Recognition Patterns Concetta Papapicco Slides Video Poster
  • Fingerspelling recognition with two-steps cascade process of spotting and classication Masanori Muroi, Naoya Sogi, Nobuko Kato and Kazuhiro Fukui Slides Video Poster
  • Affective Computing and Stress Recognition for Healthcare Application (Invited Talk) Dilana Hazer-Rau (Ulm University) Slides Video Poster
  • CNN Depression Severity Level Estimation from Upper Body vs. Face-Only Images Dua’a Ahmad, Roland Goecke and James Ireland Slides Video Poster
  • Range-Doppler Hand Gesture Recognition using Deep Residual-3DCNN with Transformer Network Gaurav Jaswal, Seshan Srirangarajan and Sumantra Dutta Roy Slides Video Poster
  • Multimodal Automatic Pain Recognition / Machine Learning (Invited Talk) Steffen Walter (Ulm University) Slides Video Poster
  • Introducing Bidirectional Ordinal Classifier Cascades Based on a Pain Intensity Recognition Scenario Peter Bellmann, Ludwig Lausser, Hans A. Kestler and Friedhelm Schwenker Slides Video Poster
  • Personalized k-fold Cross-validation Analysis with Transfer from phasic to tonic Pain Recognition with X-ITE Pain Database Youssef Wally, Yara Samaha, Ziad Yasser, Steen Walter and Friedhelm Schwenker Slides Video Poster
  • Deep Learning and Multiple Data Types Analysis (Invited Talk) Mariofanna Milanova (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) Slides Video Poster