August 21, 2022 from 9:00 to 13:00 (Montreal/Eastern time zone, EDT, UTC-4)

  • Deep Learning Architectures for Pain Recognition based on Physiological Signals (Invited Talk) Patrick Thiam (Ulm University)
  • EgoCentric Hand Gesture Recognition on Untrimmed Videos Using State Activation Gate LSTMs Tejo Chalasani and Aljosa Smolic
  • Representation Learning for Tablet and Paper Domain Adaptation in Favor of Online Handwriting Recognition Felix Ott, David RĂ¼gamer, Lucas Heublein, Bernd Bischl and Christopher Mutschler
  • Deep Learning Approaches for Classroom Audio Classification using Mel Spectrograms Afsana Mou, Mariofanna Milanova and Mark Baillie
  • Pain Detection in Biophysiological Signals: Transfer Learning from Short-Term to Long-Term Stimuli Based on Signal Segmentation Tobias B. Ricken, Peter Bellmann, Steffen Walter and Friedhelm Schwenker
  • Analyzing the Prosodic and Lingual Features of Popular Speakers Bhavin Jethra, Rahul Ravindra Golhar and Ifeoma Nwogu
  • Leveraging Sentiment Analysis Knowledge to Solve Emotion Detection Tasks Maude Nguyen-The, Soufiane Lamghari, Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau and Jan Rockemann
  • Break
  • Deep Learning NVIDIA Tutorial (Tutorial) Mariofanna Milanova